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Open Access Japan, a joint project of two research grant-in-aid projects funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "Integrated Research on Transformation of Scholarly Communication in Open Access Movement"(Principal Investigator: Keiko KURATA, Keio University) and "Reengineering of the Functionalities of Research Libraries in the Digital Milieu(REFORM)"(Principal Investigator: Syun TUTIYA, Chiba University), has been launched with a view to facilitating the information and communication among researchers, librarians and publishers in Japanese concerning issues on Open Access as one of the currently most heavily discussed topics in scholarly communication. The site is managed by Shinji MINE(Mie University) aided by suggestions and advice from the two projects of this two groups.

Problems for contemporary scholarly communication are to be attributed to trends in funding scientific research in the late 20th century and to rapidly growing digital and networked communication in general towards the end of the century, so that the issues which were believed to concern publishers and librarians alone are now beginning to involve all researchers, and then all citizens. Given such recognition, the two research groups are of the same opinion that the number of people who share appropriate information and correct knowledge of the situations must be essentially increased for the sake of the future of scholarly communication in Japan, and have decided to help provide for a medium of this type which is available beyond conventional media for research communication. They also hope that interested parties information through this site will take a further step to get directly involved in discussions currently developing worldwide.


If you have any questions on this web site, please send a email to, Shinji Mine

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