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  • 2005年12月 3日 01:07
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先日,ALPSPが主催した「Preprint and postprint repositories and their impact on publishing」の発表資料が公開されていました。セルフアーカイビングが雑誌に与える影響が4分野の出版社から報告されているのが興味深いです。

The repository landscape
Bill Hubbard, OpenDOAR Project, University of Nottingham [PPT]

Author behaviour
Alma Swan, Key Perspectives [PDF]

Funder and institutional policies and mandates
Richard Newman, American Medical Association [PPT] 2.8MB [PDF] 1.1MB

Current publisher policies and how they are changing
Jenny Pickles, Emerald [PPT]

Impact of self-archiving on journals
Case Study 1: Institute of Physics (John Haynes) [PPT]
Case Study 2: British Medical Journal (Michael Butterfield) [PPT]
Case Study 3: Economics (Dan Trinder, Taylor & Francis) [PPT]
Case Study 4: Mathematics (Susan Hezlet, London Mathematical Society) [PPT] 1.5MB

Possible future impact in the Google world
Cliff Morgan, John Wiley & Sons [PPT]


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