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  • 2005年3月12日 12:21
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Serials誌 Volume 18, Number 1 / March 2005に,数編のオープンアクセス関連の論文が掲載されていました。

Overview of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry into Scientific Publications
Dr Ian Gibson MP

Scientific Publications: Free for all? The academic library viewpoint 
Tom Graham

Open access: reflections from the United States
Ann Okerson 

Open access: principle, practice, progress
Jan Velterop
A mandate to self archive? The role of open access institutional repositories
Stephen Pinfield

Open access: evidence-based policy or policy-based evidence? The university press perspective 
Martin Richardson
Open access to the medical literature: How much content is available in published journals?
Marie E McVeigh and James K Pringle


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